How to find the Best Drill Press

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Getting the right style and design of drill press may be a complicated task with many different brands and models available in the market offering a variety of different functions that are difficult to compare. In order to choose the right one for you should go through drill press reviews and look for specific functions in terms of its design and performance. Here we have listed some of the key features that one must look for:

1. Type: The first and foremost point that you need to consider before you buy a drill press is to decide which type of drill press would be most suitable for your needs. Do you need to have a floor standing model or one of the best benchtop drill press models. If you have to deal with larger pieces and complicated jobs, opt for a floor standing model that includes large motors and can smoothly make holes through thick layers.

2. Quality Construction: Build quality makes a lot of difference in giving you a comfortable working experience. An unstable or vibrating construction would surely make drilling more difficult and it can proved to be an unsecure working environment with low accuracy and performance.

3. Features: Drill presses now days come with varied features. You can get one with standard features or can opt for a tool with additional advanced features like precision laser sighting and more. Your decision upon this factor would truly depend on what features you would need and would like to have and what features can you trade-off. For impressive and accurate results of drilling, you must go for a tool that has variable speed levels, superior power, adjustable table, large throat distance and more swing. With such a model, you will be able to do complicated tasks with ease too.

Some of the important features that one must consider when choosing the best drill press in order to attain increased versatility and convenience of use include:

  • Poly-V Belt: A drill press that features a Poly-V belt gives you enhanced performance as this system discharges power to the engine of the machine which in turn offers you improved and effective functioning.
  • Adjustable Working Table: It is best to have an adjustable working station so that you can carry out various applications of drilling with one tool. A flexible working area is one that can be tilted and adjusted at an angle in order to ensure to perfect drilling. Many of the modern drill presses comes with tables that have extra-large expandable space offering you more space to deal with wider and long pieces of wood or other materials. A rotating table is considered to be a perfect choice for drilling with flexibility.
  • Rack and pinion height modification: Drill presses that are offered with adjustable tables give owners flexibility of adjusting height for more accurate use. Rack and pinion height modification gives you easy and more precise use of drill press.
  • Adjustable Drill Press Head: If you have jobs that deal with handling of compound angles, a drill press with an adjustable head can be prove to be really beneficial in handling all such tasks with ease.
  • Powerful motor and variable speeds: The best drill press would offer you powerful motor system with variable speed intensities that you can adjust according to your task requirement. When checking motor specifications look for a totally enclosed fan cooled design as this feature keeps your motor function protected from all the dirt and debris and it will make your tool motor last for years.
  • Built-in Light: Improved visibility is ensured with drill press systems that have built-in light feature. It is more viable to get a machine with adjustable neck section lamp so that you can properly position light for gaining more visibility for your work piece.
  • Drill Bits: First drive information about your own requirements and needs for drilling before choosing a particular design or model of this tool. One must base his/her buying decision on the basis of your specific work requirements. Different drill bits are offered with various designs of this tool and decision would purely depend upon your specific requirement.
  • Additional Accessories: It is always nice to have some additional accessories that would give your tool more versatility. One of the interesting attachments includes a mortising kit that enables users to make rectangular holes through their work pieces with ease.

4. Budget: Think prior to purchase that how much you are willing to spend for buying a drill press and this truly depends upon your own preference and budget that you have planned. You will find different drill presses with varied price ranges and thus you first need to sort ones that fall within your budget and then you can choose one with best features, controls and user-experience for drilling.

5. Warranty and Servicing: Whichever tool or machine you think about buying, warranty and servicing always remain an important factor affecting your buying decision. Who would want a piece whose replacement parts are difficult to find or that doesn’t come with a warranty now? No one. Do proper research and compare features, prices and warranties of different brands and models by following proper drill press reviews in order to make a good purchase decision.

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