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TOP 5 Best VPN Apps for Android Phone

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There is a few vpn android app that recommended to provide security to users when using the internet applications. VPN will hiding your online activity, data and browsing habits which can be steal by snoopers, even the governor to collect intelligent data.Users need VPN app to protect them while shopping, banking and conducting business online on an Android device. VPN services will protect your identity, so your sensitive informations such as username, password or other secret informations cannot be stolen by snoopers. For users that live in the country that regulated regional restricted and blocked web services, by using VPN apps, those restrictions will be unlocked.

Below are TOP 5 Best VPN Apps for Android Phone that we select only for you.

1. TroidVPN

No registration required, No speed limitation, Wifi security, and you can unblock regional restricted websites.

Minimum v 4.0.4 : UDP , TCP Tunnel. Without Rooting & ICMP Tunnel ( ROOTED device ).
Daily Total Free 100 MB only for Browsing.

There is many negative comment about this app in the google play. Make sure that you know how to use this app then you willdefinitely love this awesome App. Find out more or direct download TroidVPN apk file on TroidVPN official websites.

2. IPVanish VPN


If you are paranoid and feel unsecure when you surf the internet, then IPVanish is your answer. You can trust IPVanish because it will hide your online identity and let you to browsing anonymously. IPVanish guarantee you to protect your data, come along with free application, controls your IP location and safeguards your online identity at WiFi hotspots.

IPVanish acquires a position of trust in the world of VPN, with new and existing users think that is a viable alternative economic security and VPN. You can download IPVanish for free at google play store, or from IPVanish Official Website

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN are professional and the apps is very easy to use. ExpressVPN keeps you connected to the
internet and there were so many options to choose. Express VPN has multiple servers in 45 countries that provide access to banned/blocked websites or video software that have time-restricted access. Express VPN offers 24-hour full-version free trial, high level of online security and servers from more than 97 locations.

ExpressVPN also allows configuration directly on router so your smart tv can work with it. Fabulous android app and desktop application as well. Express VPN offers 24-hour full-version free trial, high level of online security and servers from more than 97 locations, so grab it fast!

4. PureVPN

PureVPN claim that they are the best free VPN service. For nearly eight years now, PureVPN has been to maintain the highest quality of service levels, standards of software and innovative approaches. With an extensive network in 45 countries, clients for Windows, Android and iOS, the service exceptional customer and dedicated functions like split tunnel and kill switch, PureVPN has all the essential elements to qualify as a first-tier supplier.

The only things that we would PureVPN in the days to come are free testing and flexible repayment guarantees. Since some of the giants of the industry have already have it, PureVPN hurry to make his power in these areas.

In general, if you are really looking for a VPN service treats you like one, then surely true client must have a thorough look at PureVPN.

5. IronSocket

IronSocket presented as a viable alternative for new and existing users of VPN. Provides a solid network of servers at low prices. Multi-device, multi-protocol support, along with easy setup and installation assistance configuration provides a good image for IronSocket within the VPN community.

IronSocket still lacks a preferred practice of the industry as VPN software for different devices and operating systems, which means that users do not have the technology donation will be kept at bay. In addition, the customer could be improved by having a chat system board so that queries and questions from users are taken into account instantly. IronSocket offers value for money and seems to be heading in a good direction. With DNS service instead, think IronSocket can still be the next force threatening to most industry suppliers


If android device’s IP is hidden in the internet, the threat of being attacked or sniffed and information stealing is minimum. VPN Encryp your information, even if it is stolen, your data are cannot be read. Find the best VPN service that fits you, the only way to feel secure in the internet is by using the best Android VPS apps.

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